Good evening all I am for a two door convertible Impala from 1964 to 1969. Good original car NOT TO RESELL. I am not looking for a major project either. Willing to travel for the right Impala.
yesterdayQueens, NY+15 milesItems Wanted
Hi everyone - if anyone has recently gone through a move and has a bunch of large moving boxes, I'm happy to pick up! Also looking for some wardrobe and a TV box. Thank you!
yesterdayQueens, NY+15 milesItems Wanted
Little crock pot sometimes called a mini crock pot. (Very small) Thanks
yesterdayQueens, NY+15 milesItems Wanted
Infinity Dance Theater (, a 501(c)(3) NY State, not-for-profit, is seeking to receive a donation of a Windows based laptop, with or without the O/S. Please contact
yesterdayHuntington, NY+17 milesItems Wanted
Hoping someone has a metal bed frame or other type of bed that is easy to put together. Thank you.
looking for a functional sewing machine to upcycle used textiles for my environmental project (on fast fashion + the fashion industry)
We are looking for a Rubbermaid type shed, Any size will work. Can pick it ASAP . Thank you in advance
Looking for large cooler to transport frozen food to people that need food. Thank you
Husband needs the kind w. wheels, that folds, with a seat in it he can only walk about 150' & in summer we have lots of outdoor events coming up. Thanks willing to pu 25 min from Amityville
Looking for a lure to attract bats to a bat house. Usually comes in a spray bottle. If you no longer use I will gladly pick up.
My girlfriend needs light pairs of dumbbells maybe 8 pounds each, 5 pounds each, etc. Anyone have some that are collecting dust?
this weekBronx, NY+19 milesItems Wanted
I m Look for a air mattress with all pieces but if not I ll take a not broken air mattress
this weekBronx, NY+19 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a a headboard for king size bed with room for books, preferably one long shelf and in a mid century modern style.
this weekBronx, NY+19 milesItems Wanted
Looking for white or wood colored pax ikea wardrobe. Prefer no mirror doors. Bonus if it has shoe organizer/storage. Thanks!
this weekHuntington, NY+17 milesItems Wanted
My husband has learned blacksmithing but needs an anvil to continue "playing". Thought someone might know of one hiding in the back of grandpa's barn. Promise quick pick up. Thanks for looking.